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Ridden - Journey To Enlightenment (2013)

30 Aug 2013 ,

Ridden - Journey To Enlightenment (2013)

Artist: Ridden
Title: Journey To Enlightenment
Year Of Release: 04/2013
Label: Harmonia Records
Genre: Psy Trance
Total Size: 125 Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort
Artist's web: Facebook

The journey of enlightenment, if you want to put it in a simplified form, is the journey that moves you from your empirical self, anything you can see or know about yourself, any object, to pure awareness, pure self, your true self, the self that cannot be made an object, but is the space which all of this is arising. After the successful course of his debut album, 'Art and Science', Ridden is ready to narrate his second story 'The Journey To Enlightenment'. Seven fresh and previously unreleased tracks, one remix and one collaboration, compose this revealing auditory scene. The unifying elements of this story are warm bass lines, powerful kicks, deep atmospheres, evolving grooves and rhythms, as well as weird melodies. All these conspire to lead you into your journey to enlightenment.

01. Mysterious Ways (06:37)
02. 4th Kind (07:47)
03. Life Extension (07:52)
04. Acid State (07:53)
05. Destroy (07:22)
06. In your Face (rmx) (07:30)
07. Parallel Earths (07:14)
08. The Journey Of Enlightenment (08:15)
09. Ridden vs Pragmatix — Traveler (07:01)

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