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Noktamid - Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem (2013)

30 Aug 2013

Noktamid - Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem (2013)

Artist: Noktamid
Title: Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem
Year Of Release: 08/08/2013
Label: Audioalchemists Records
Genre: Progressive
Total Size: 122Mb Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort
Artist's web: Facebook

Audioalchemists Records is very proud to present Noktamid from the north of Germany and his second album. After his debut album 'Audio Ergo Sum' and the compilation 'Cool People Suck' with his musical friend Adda its time to launch the next full length progressive trance work. 'Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem'. 'Carpe diem' means that the future is unforeseen, and that you should not leave to chance future happenings but rather you should do all you can today to make your future better. it's not about ignoring your future, but rather not trusting that everything is going to fall into place for you someday. The album includes 8 outstanding tracks between 136 and 138 BPM and two downbeat tracks. The music is powerfull and melodic, emotional and profound with a melancholic touch. Noktamid is ready to enliven the world.

01. Lowridin’
02. Acrylamid
03. Summer In Cape Town
04. Too Many Questions
05. Carpe Diem
06. Finally
07. Elements
08. Back On Track
09. Carpe Noktem
10. Weapons Of Bass Destruction

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