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Klopfgeister - Smiles and more 2012

10 Sep 2012

Klopfgeister - Smiles and more 2012

Artist: Klopfgeister
Title: Smiles and more
Year Of Release: 10/08/2012
Label: Spin Twist Records
Genre: Progressive Trance
Total Size: 126.01 Mb

Frequent flyers on international Progressive floors will be delighted by the new Smiles and More program. An entire album full of inspiring listening pleasure! Klopfgeister Airways welcomes you on board! Please take your seat while listening to a mellow Ambient tune. Then fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the thrust of the powerful bass engines pushing you back during the takeoff. In fact this tingly feeling will come back some more times, since rich, driving bass lines are clearly the trademark of Klopfgeister. The journey of this new album will break through a mysterious cloud horizon, right into the light of timeless melodies. Diving down again, it reveals exciting new sound destinations. Various remixes and cooperations lend to this work an entertaining variety- and a serious pinch of hit potential! Which again means plenty of reason for Smiles and More

01 Soultrigger (Klopfgeister Ambient Edit)
02 Car Accident (Klopfgeister Rmx)
03 Upgrade
04 Return To Atlantis (Klopfgeister Rmx)
05 Larger Than Life (Klopfgeister Rmx)
06 Shadow Of A Smile (Klopfgeister 2012 Edit)
07 Flowrillaz
08 Seven Days
09 Jeff Vader (2012 Edit)
10 Meanwhile In Hamburg

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