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Killerwatts - Blow Your Mind - 2012

28 May 2012 ,

Killerwatts - Blow Your Mind-2012

Artist: Killerwatts
Title: Blow Your Mind
Year Of Release: 19 May 2012
Label: Nano Records
Genre: Full-On, Psychedelic Trance
Total Size: 137,07 MB

Killerwatts present ‘Blow your Mind’ the debut album from the power house duo of Tristan and Avalon.

Having first joined forces for a track on Avalon’s now classic debut album ‘Distant Futures’, which was very well received around the globe, Tristan turned to Avalon and said ‘I think we better produce an album’.

The stage was set for a bigger collaboration and Killerwatts bounded into existence. Focusing their attention on creating huge day-time blasting tracks for big crowds and monster sound systems, Killerwatts have spent countless hours perfecting each track, testing them on dance floors the world over with their extensive touring and then revisiting each track in the studio, tweaking each to perfection.

Never shy to experiment and push their sonic limits Killerwatts also teamed up with young Brazillian Psy sensation Waio on 2 tracks that are sure fire dance floor hits.

Tristan and Avalon on one album, 2 years in the making, with one idea, to make the best psychedelic day time party tunes possible. Good times guaranteed.

01. Killerwatts – Infinite Loop 06:36
02. Killerwatts Vs Waio – Wake Up 07:11
03. Killerwatts – All Seeing Eye 08:52
04. Killerwatts – Psy Liberation 07:42
05. Killerwatts – Spirit Drop 08:17
06. Killerwatts – Battlestars 06:33
07. Killerwatts Vs Waio – Intergalactic 07:32
08. Killerwatts – Live Forever 06:49
09. Killerwatts – Another Planet 07:15
10. Killerwatts – Fly Thru The Universe 06:36

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