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X-Noize - RMX-Noize EP (2011)

 X-Noize - RMX-Noize EP (2011)

Album RMX X-Noize
Artist X-Noize
Date 13/12/11
Genre Full On/Progressive
Playtime 44:51 Mins
Avg. Bitrate 234 kb/sec
Size 76 MB

1.-X-Noize.-No Mishaps (Major7 RMX)
2.-X-Noize.-Good Old Days (Nitrodrop RMX)
3.-X-Noize.-Spread Your Cheeks
4.-X-Noize.-Transparent (Xerox Vs. Volcano RMX)
5.-X-Noize & Tom C.-Losing Control (Dual Core Vs. Orpheus RMX)
6.-X-Noize & Tom C.-Let Yourself Go (Analyzer Vs. Outsiders RMX)

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