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Faxi Nadu interview

14 Oct 2011 ,

Q:1) How you came up with this project?
I instantly fell in love with trance music the first time I heard it, and started listening to lots of tunes, buying cds and grabbing whatever I could find through early internet places like mirc and audiogalaxy. Then started to mess with dj software and music making tools and little by little fell more and more into this world.

Q:2) what is unique about your project?
I try to make my own music, my own vision of trance without copying anyone else. I try through dance music to express stories and thoughts. I am somewhat of a lone-wolf as everything I do is DIY from using all original sounds (no samplepacks!) to being my own promoter and manager.

Q:3) What type of audience you targeting with your music?
Star trek geeks! First of all, star trek geeks. Secondly, X-Files geeks! People who love to dance but love to lose themselvs in thoughts, in space, in time. Individuals who can appreciate someone who is doing his own thing.

Q:4) What is your influences?
Startek, X-Files, Blake's 7! Those the most. But really, the biggest influence is life itself. What I experiance, who I am and what I am going through is expressed in the music.

Q:5) What's your production equiptment and how you using it to produce music?
My main thing is the Scope DSP card. I use it for like everything - it runs an amazing modular system, some nice synths, effects and most importantly provides all my routing needs. Then I got a bunch of hardware that comes and goes. Currently I use a lot a MAM Freebass, Novation K-Station, Yamaha AN1x, Yamaha DX200, Dave Smith Mopho. I also use a microphone a whole lot, not only vocals just recording anything and everything. As far as software I use Soundforge as a sound design platform, Logic as the main sequencer, and an old version of Fruity for some sound design, leads and drums. I like to mess around with Mixmesiter, very fun program for making tight studio dj-sets and mixes.

Q:6) What is your favorite gigs?
Small ones with like-minded people who party hard - nothing beats those!

Q:7) In what Festival you desire to play more and why?
I would love to play in some festival in some far off obscure location. Like on the island of the show Lost! That would be cool, trippin' with Ben :)

Q:8) Talk us about your new (or upcoming) album
I was a bit discouraged from music making and was away from it for two years. Instead I had a radio show dealing exclusivly in oldschool goa here on a college radio, djed oldschool in some parties and was uploading sets to the net - but no music making. Got a day job, gym, all that good stuff, and then suddenly the album made itself. I really have no explanation for how this happened, I just kind of exploded in creative flow. Lots of hardware, lots of hand crafted story-telling, analog meets digital. Went out and got top of the line mastering from eMasters, who do big time acts from david bowie across to the TIP stuff, and set about letting the whole world know about it. I feel very proud of this one and really hope people respond to it.

Q:9) What is your future plans
To keep making music, keep meeting cool people, keep learning, and to try to stay positive and enjoy this journey we call life.

Q:10) What is your Facebook Fan Page if people want to follow your project?
You can find me at or through my website I am all over really, the net is like my home.

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