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Mixing Essentials: Five Tips to Improve Your Mix

24 Sep 2011

As home studio recording musicians and producers we want our recorded tracks to sound great. But often, our area of expertise may be singing, playing an instrument, composing, or remixing prerecorded tracks. But if you intend for your finished piece to be heard by others in the form of a CD or MP3, then writing and recording the music is only one-third of the equation. The other two are mixing and mastering.

Below we’ll look at some essential tips to help you obtain a good mix that’s ready for mastering. Mixing is an art and not a science, so don’t expect to become a professional mixing engineer overnight. However like any art, with regular practice and the tools currently available inside most popular DAW packages, you can certainly whip up a great sounding mix that you can be proud of. Alright then let’s get started!

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