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Killerwatts interview

Avalon and Tristan are two incre-dible artists that hardly need introduction. Recently, they have decided to join forces under the name, Killerwatts. Agnes Klos met up with guys to get some juicy details about this exciting project, sweeping the scene like a thunderstorm!

Hi guys, could you tell us how -you came up with the idea for Killerwatts?
Leon and I got to know each other at a very crazy night called Tribe of Frog in Bristol (still one of the best trance nights in the UK). We hit it off and wrote a tune together called “Another Planet”. It became a dancefloor monster and was featured on Avalon's debut album “Distant Futures”. After such a success we decided to write more material together and fairly soon it was obvious that an album was the next step forward.

What is unique about your project?
I think we are currently the only ones combining the two elements of psychedelic depth and edge of the UK underground psy trance scene with the sheer power and top production value of the best Israeli trance artists.
We feel Killerwatts is a hybrid of the Avalon and Tristan sound, taken to a completely new level. It's Massive, deep, rocking, Psychedelic music. The album is full of dancefloor bombs, just waiting to go off!!

What type of an audience are you trying to reach out to?
All ages from 16 years to 116 years! Anyone and everyone who loves the peak of the party; positive, energetic vibes and want to dance to pumping psychedelic music.

What are your influences when in the studio?

We listen to a lot of trance and a wide range of styles to get inspiration and production ideas from. Beyond that we are both particularly fired up with this project so it doesn't take much to get the ball rolling.

As producers; do you have a particular way in which you create a track, or does it vary?
Halfway through the album we shifted from Logic Audio to Ableton Live which has been an amazing step forward; so our method of arrangement and composition has evolved according to the more modern approach that Ableton affords. Now we can do some really far out stuff really fast

You are both very busy travelling the world with your solo careers at the moment, how will you find the time to fit in the Killerwatts project?
Trance producing and DJing is not for the feint-hearted! It takes up all your time as it is very extremely labour intensive, so we are already fully committed to our life choice. We'll just have to learn to juggle more balls, hehe. Also we plan to perform the 3 live acts of Killerwatts, Avalon and Tristan all as one package rather than do extra gigs of just the new project so that should limit the extra air miles we have to endure.

When can we expect the first album?
Hopefully some time in October. Get your ears stuck into as it's going to be a belting trip of an album and one hell of a ride!
We are kicking off the summer with performances at Antaris, Sonica and Burning man, with a Brazil tour to follow. See you all on the dancefloor!

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interviewed for Mushroom Magazine (August-September 2011)

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