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promote your projectIntroduce your project to the audience!Land of Trance in order to help new artists and group is giving now the chance to give your interview to us so we can distribute it to the 10,000's that visiting us every month!Just download the text file with the questions,answered them and then send it [...]

Infected Mushroom LIVE Streaming!

Ozora festivalLand of Trance via UStream is streaming the No1 Psychedelic Trance act Infected Mushroom to your home!The band will be performing a DJ set from Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado U.S. and you can watch it straight from here! [...]

Ozora Festival 2011 review

Ozora festivalOzora is gathering lot of ingredients that make a festival be successful.From a magical place,to a powerful line up till to an incredible decoration,this festival has it all!This year the festival is hitting with one of the most epic line up ever had!First of all is the 20th Anniversary live [...]

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After days and days of work we present Land of Trance 3.0!Be patience some days as we developing the core of our site to meet all the standards we must have to give you a nice browsing and a great experience the time you'll spend here.Till then...BOOM!

Novation Remote 25 SL MkII review

Novation Remote 25 SL MkII reviewNovation before about one and half years introduced this updated Remote SLs series of controllers.Although has several key models we'll focus on model with 25-keys which is more closer to beginners budget and is fitting good with psytrance projects.[...]

Latest Releases

Timelock - Redline (2013)

30 Aug 2013
Timelock - Redline (2013)

Artist: Timelock
Title: Redline
Year Of Release: 20/08/2013
Label: Iboga Trance
Genre: Progressive
Total Size: 142 Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort
Artist's web: Facebook

Behind Timelock stands Felix Nagorsky. A part of the psychedelic trance scene for over a decade (some of you might remember his involvement in the techtrance-project PPS Project) and now also a high profile act on the progressive house scene in Weekend Heroes. But here it's about solid progressive trance, something Timelock does extremely well. The proof lies right in front of you, a massive new album packed with high quality, super produced progressive trance sounds, ready to deliver its magic on dance floors across the globe. On the album Timelock has collaborated with some of these days top progressive trance producers like Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Side Effects and Invisible Reality. 'Redline' is the culmination of the very hard work invested in the studio, and comes after the hits in collaboration with Ace Ventura '51' and 'Inside Us', which both rocked the sales charts for many months. Essential for any Progressive trance DJ!

01.Timelock & Invisible Reality — Wildfire [06:51]
02.Timelock & Side Effects — TFX [07:25]
03.Liquil Soul — Purity (Timelock Remix) [06:52]
04.Timelock — Push the Again [07:11]
05.Timelock & Ace Ventura — Lunar Trip [07:37]
06.Weekend Heroes — DJ Killer Bitch Dealer (Timelock Remix) [06:28]
07.Timelock — Sparking Lights [06:50]
08.Timelock & Ace Ventura — 51 (Class A Remix) [07:21]
09.Timelock & Black Mesa — Redline [07:22]

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Ridden - Journey To Enlightenment (2013)

Ridden - Journey To Enlightenment (2013)

Artist: Ridden
Title: Journey To Enlightenment
Year Of Release: 04/2013
Label: Harmonia Records
Genre: Psy Trance
Total Size: 125 Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort
Artist's web: Facebook

The journey of enlightenment, if you want to put it in a simplified form, is the journey that moves you from your empirical self, anything you can see or know about yourself, any object, to pure awareness, pure self, your true self, the self that cannot be made an object, but is the space which all of this is arising. After the successful course of his debut album, 'Art and Science', Ridden is ready to narrate his second story 'The Journey To Enlightenment'. Seven fresh and previously unreleased tracks, one remix and one collaboration, compose this revealing auditory scene. The unifying elements of this story are warm bass lines, powerful kicks, deep atmospheres, evolving grooves and rhythms, as well as weird melodies. All these conspire to lead you into your journey to enlightenment.

01. Mysterious Ways (06:37)
02. 4th Kind (07:47)
03. Life Extension (07:52)
04. Acid State (07:53)
05. Destroy (07:22)
06. In your Face (rmx) (07:30)
07. Parallel Earths (07:14)
08. The Journey Of Enlightenment (08:15)
09. Ridden vs Pragmatix — Traveler (07:01)

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Noktamid - Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem (2013)

Noktamid - Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem (2013)

Artist: Noktamid
Title: Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem
Year Of Release: 08/08/2013
Label: Audioalchemists Records
Genre: Progressive
Total Size: 122Mb Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort
Artist's web: Facebook

Audioalchemists Records is very proud to present Noktamid from the north of Germany and his second album. After his debut album 'Audio Ergo Sum' and the compilation 'Cool People Suck' with his musical friend Adda its time to launch the next full length progressive trance work. 'Carpe Diem / Carpe Noktem'. 'Carpe diem' means that the future is unforeseen, and that you should not leave to chance future happenings but rather you should do all you can today to make your future better. it's not about ignoring your future, but rather not trusting that everything is going to fall into place for you someday. The album includes 8 outstanding tracks between 136 and 138 BPM and two downbeat tracks. The music is powerfull and melodic, emotional and profound with a melancholic touch. Noktamid is ready to enliven the world.

01. Lowridin’
02. Acrylamid
03. Summer In Cape Town
04. Too Many Questions
05. Carpe Diem
06. Finally
07. Elements
08. Back On Track
09. Carpe Noktem
10. Weapons Of Bass Destruction

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Coming Soon - Action in E Minor (2013)

29 Aug 2013 ,
Coming Soon - Action in E Minor (2013)

Artist: Coming Soon
Title: Action in E Minor
Year Of Release: 08/08/2013
Label: Spin Twist Records
Genre: Progressive
Total Size: 57 Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort

Com!ng Soon comes with a 4 tracker on Spin Twist Records.

01. It's on 06:19
02. Bring the Action 05:54
03. Ether 06:34
04. Into Space 06:22

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VA - Tree Of Life Festival 2013

28 Aug 2013 ,
VA - Tree Of Life Festival 2013

Artist: VA
Title: Tree Of Life Festival
Year Of Release: 26/08/2013
Label: Dacru Records
Genre: Progressive / Psytrance
Total Size: 159 Mb
Buy Links: Psyshop, BeatPort

This year’s Tree of Life festival near Izmir, Turkey will be forever lodged in the memories of its attendees. A unique vibe of togetherness at a beautiful location in a welcoming country… the stuff dreams are made of. And of course superb music! Lucky enough, for those who didn’t attend the festival, we’re bringing its spirit to your homes. U-Recken and DigiCult joined forces to prepare this special festival mix for you.

01. Ace Ventura vs Rocky - Dr. Lupo (Symbolic RMX) 06:36
02. Sonic Species - Dawn Till Dusk 05:08
03. Egorythmia vs Ace Ventura - White Tunnel 07:49
04. Bliss - Stay Sharp 06:19
05. Pixel vs. Illumination - Kandolim 03:38
06. Digicult vs U-Recken - The Optimist 07:03
07. Zen Mechanics - Mecha 07:38
08. Tranan - Roadrunner (Lucas & Avalon RMX) 06:23
09. Braincell - Time Shifter 05:09
10. Total Eclipse vs Ecosphere - System Error 06:33
11. Loud - Triceratops 07:13

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Com!ng Soon - It's here EP 2012

10 Sep 2012
Com!ng Soon - It's here 2012

Artist: Com!ng Soon
Title: It's Here EP
Year Of Release: 28/05/2012
Label: Spin Twist Records
Genre: Progressive Trance
Total Size: 65.97 Mb

Israeli duo ‘Com!ng Soon’ are back after their massive ‘Fear’ Ep with a another floor kicking EP, again 4 original songs with deep and pumping grooves and lots of head-shaking elements!

01. Com!ng Soon – Chemistry
02. Com!ng Soon – Make it work
03. Com!ng Soon – Limitless
04. Com!ng Soon – Party Planning

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Klopfgeister - Smiles and more 2012

Klopfgeister - Smiles and more 2012

Artist: Klopfgeister
Title: Smiles and more
Year Of Release: 10/08/2012
Label: Spin Twist Records
Genre: Progressive Trance
Total Size: 126.01 Mb

Frequent flyers on international Progressive floors will be delighted by the new Smiles and More program. An entire album full of inspiring listening pleasure! Klopfgeister Airways welcomes you on board! Please take your seat while listening to a mellow Ambient tune. Then fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the thrust of the powerful bass engines pushing you back during the takeoff. In fact this tingly feeling will come back some more times, since rich, driving bass lines are clearly the trademark of Klopfgeister. The journey of this new album will break through a mysterious cloud horizon, right into the light of timeless melodies. Diving down again, it reveals exciting new sound destinations. Various remixes and cooperations lend to this work an entertaining variety- and a serious pinch of hit potential! Which again means plenty of reason for Smiles and More

01 Soultrigger (Klopfgeister Ambient Edit)
02 Car Accident (Klopfgeister Rmx)
03 Upgrade
04 Return To Atlantis (Klopfgeister Rmx)
05 Larger Than Life (Klopfgeister Rmx)
06 Shadow Of A Smile (Klopfgeister 2012 Edit)
07 Flowrillaz
08 Seven Days
09 Jeff Vader (2012 Edit)
10 Meanwhile In Hamburg

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Protonica - Form Follows Function 2012

Protonica - Form Follows Function 2012

Artist: Protonica
Title: Form Follows Function
Year Of Release: 28/05/2012
Label: Iono Music
Genre: Progressive Trance
Total Size: 123.12 Mb

This album is the second masterpiece from Protonica.
As modern architects envisioned, the structure of an object should primarily be based upon its intended function. Therefore, Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze, aka Protonica, the architects of this creation, decided that each brick, each curve and angle should be built with a lot of thought, love and devotion.
Every piece of sound you will hear vibrating through your ear canals has been specially designed from scratch, and was tested under the highest levels of professionals. Thus, ‘Form Follows Function’ is not like most albums which gets produced and released for the sake of being released, it is exactly the opposite intention, to deviate from the factory like music that surrounds us and craft a form that was thoroughly thought of before, while and after it was conceived.

‘Form Follows Function’ is divided into 9 di erent functions, which were modeled into 9 di erent forms that will suit its desired function. However, the function is exible and dynamic, and enables each person that listens to the album to adjust his own pre xed functions and slide into a liquid amorphous ever changing entity.
This album is the second masterpiece from Protonica, which comes 5 years after’their debut album ‘Search’, which was released in 2007. Now it seems that the search for their own style is nished, and the time to dive deep and explore the next stages of their sound has come.
After 5 years of re ning and crystalizing their sound, they preserved their old Acid in uences, while combining new elements of Progressive and Psychedelic Trance. Dietze and Kaempfer followed the function of their name ‘Protonica’ which means positive charge, and always had the dance oor in mind in order to tell hypnotizing stories which will enchant every person. The guys have collaborated with other superb artists such as Liquid Soul, aka Nicola Capobianco, on the track Floating Point, and another exquisite joint venture where they marked their point of view on Ace Ventura, aka Yoni Oshrat, and Rocky’s, aka Roy Tilbor, track Serotonin Overdose.

01 Protonica – Login 00:24
02 Protonica – Greece 07:42
03 Protonica – Subground 08:08
04 Rocky & Ace Ventura – Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix) 09:22
05 Protonica – Motion Control 08:06
06 Protonica – Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix) 08:20
07 Protonica – Modification 08:46
08 Protonica – Codes 09:44
09 Protonica – Emerge 09:10

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VA - The Beach 2012

9 Sep 2012 ,
VA - The Beach 2012

Artist: VA
Title: The Beach
Year Of Release: 28/05/2012
Label: -
Genre: Psychedelic Trance
Total Size: 133.46 Mb

After the big success of ‘The Beach 2011 Compilation’ that went up and ranked number 2 on Japanese CD sale top charts. Now it’s turn for a new series of compilations, featuring
exclusive tracks from today’s best artists in the trance scene in Japan. It would be launched by volumes full of well selected music which will absolutely capture your mind.

1. 1200 Micrograms – The Way You Walk
2. Bizzare Contact – Collision
3. GMS – Freak Out
4. Skazi Vs. Pixel.- – Humanizer
5. Dynamic – No Scape
6. Perplex – Nordic Fusion
7. Space Cat – Bad Machine
8. Shanti – Tokyo Calling
9. Absolum Vs. Concept – Exit Strategy (Fineplay Special Edit)

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Perplex - Perplex Works 2012

Pleiadians Starseed EP - 2012

Artist: Perplex
Title: Perplex Works
Year Of Release: 08/2012
Label: Planet B.E.N. Records
Genre: Psychedelic Trance / Full On
Total Size: 101,58 Mb

Catalog # PBRIN043

1. Perplex – Follow Me (07:40)
2. Perplex – Twilight (07:34)
3. Perplex – Reunion (07:26)
4. Perplex – Paranormal Activity (06:30)
5. Perplex – Glorious Times (06:30)
6. Perplex – The Second Ring of Power (06:34)

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